Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Busy, busy

I haven't forgotten about this...just got busy and didn't want to bore you.

Grocery shopping & errands lead to working in the yard (because of the errands) over the week-end. Then I realized that I hadn't bought laminating sheets so I could work on my purse so that got pushed aside.

Yesterday I finally got all the holes punched on the purse and it's just waiting for me to pick up the laminating sheets when I go to town today. Oh, and some beads to match my paper! I found out the end of the purse handles screw off so I can swap out the red or black beads (one set of handles in each color) so I can make it match my pink & brown papers!!

I got a wild hair yesterday and decided to start cleaning up my scrap room. A *bunch* of baskets that were under my table went out in the trash...with the better ones going in a bag to take to mom on Friday. (I should have known better than to say what I was doing while on the phone with her, lol.) And I actually found my table top again!! It was so bad that I couldn't even work on an 8x8 project without laying part of it on top of other stuff. Just a few things left to put away on the table then find somewhere to put paper that's in one bag. Not sure where to put the papers I got in a RAK or my Glitter Stacks... Guess I could tear them apart and sort them by colors?

So today is finishing up the grocery shopping & picking up a couple things for DH so they can straighten the garage up. Have to pick up DD this afternoon from her Dad's. Back home to tan then see what DH has in mind for this evening. Once he goes to bed, I'm off to my scrap room to either do some more organizing or start putting my purse together. Hopefully I will have something to post here soon!

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