Monday, September 24, 2007

Only 3-1/2 more days!!

And I'm so not ready to go, lol. well, mentally I'm ready but the only thing I have packed for the crop is my table treats & white elephant gift. If I ever get the stuff priced for the "yard sale" then I might actually get to try planning what to bring to scrap. Shoot, who am I kidding? I'll end up bringing my photo box, throwing all my paper in my CIS Paper Taker, grabbing a bunch of embellishments and HOPE that I actually get some scrapping done, lol.

In other news, my gf's shop opening got delayed till next month :( But other orders are still trickling in for purses and I still have some that I want to do "just for fun."

Jason has now gone to school 6 days in a row without any problems! (Picture me jumping up and down here. Ok, don't because it's really an ugly image, lol.) His dad spilled the beans early about me being gone this week-end but they're going to be really busy with golf, Jason's flag football game, fishing, going out to eat and just *maybe* going to stock car races.

Speaking of DH, he's postponing his least, that's the latest word. He finally realized that he'd be cooped up in the house if he retired in the winter (DUH!) and he really wants to be able to go fishing & golfing. So now he's decided to wait till March 31 for his retirement date....we'll see if it changes again.

That's about all the excitement in my life right now. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to posting some purses again...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

You'll never guess what happened....

For those of you who know the drama with Jason lately.....

He actually went to school this morning with no tears or whining!!

I'm hoping this means we're finally coming to the end of his separation anxiety issues but won't be surprised if tomorrow is bad again. See, after never using a babysitter, DH has decided that we can get one tomorrow night so we can go out to see some of his golfing friends. (It's one gal's birthday so we'll be heading up to her boyfriend's bar to celebrate with her.) What a time for DH to finally give in on using a sitter! Wish us luck that he doesn't have too much trouble with it so the sitter is willing to come back another time.

And for those who know about Dh: You can understand my excitement about actually getting out! lol He's such a homebody that we don't usually even go out to eat....and when we do, it's like this: Leave at 5:00, go eat, maybe run one quick errand and home again (usually no later than 7:00). Tomorrow night will make TWICE in a week that we've gone out! Monday night was the last night of golf so everyone met at the bar (different than the one tomorrow night). A collection had been taken to present to the bar owner for all he'd done to organize the league and as a thank you for the party he put together last month (tons of food, beer and prizes....all out of HIS pocket). Dh actually stayed out till 10:30...and his "bedtime" is usually 8:30, lol.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Off-topic but getting excited!

There are only 25 days till the best danged crop ever! Seriously, my friend Mandi has put so much working to making it awesome and I can't wait to get there.

Twenty-nine ladies are in for the most awesome week-end! For $105 we get 2 nights in a B&B, ALL meals *and* snacks/beverages, door prizes worth $12-15 each, goody bags, AND chances to win entries in the big drawings....15 of them so far, priced between $40-100, if I remember right. Seriously, *everything* for that $105...can you believe that?? Mandi's done such an awesome job. At one point, she said she'd be "making" a whopping $0.30 off it but I know she's bought some stuff out of her own pocket so that $0.30 is long gone, lol. (And she even paid the $105 too and figured that into the amount she spent on prizes, food, etc.)

And I get to go take a sneak peek of all the goodies on Thursday! Well, I've seen a little bit since she ordered CTMH through me and I saw something cool in the Joann's ad that I passed on to her last week with her CTMH order...but I get to snoop through all the rest of the goodies then.

I keep warning her that everyone is going to be asking when she's planning the next one. Good thing she's had such a great time planning this one, lol.