Thursday, May 31, 2007

Can't wait to get in my scrap room again!

I got the cutest purse handles at Hobby Lobby today and picked up the mat board at Michaels' (where the guy was nice enough to do all the cuts for me at no charge since they weren't very busy right then). TammyScrapper (on IDOS and another CTMH consultant) made one over the week-end and used one of these handles but the pic didn't show how stinking CUTE they are! They have the sweetest little heart *locket* charms hanging from them, amongst the different beads.

Now WHY do I have to go grocery shopping and to Big Lots to pick up the mattress and boxsprings (although I *do* get to check for more albums while I'm in Big Lots) when I want to go put my new purse together???

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More by Laura

She's been a busy gal! When she came to the CTMH workshop I did at Mom's last week, she brought me these pages:

And tomorrow I get to meet up with her again to get the last of the pages from her! Hmm, maybe I should take her some more pics so I can keep meeting up with her..... lol

Laura's such a sweetie!

Check out these pages she did for me! (Ooh, I'm loving that Photobucket has a slide show now!)

When we went to the Indy crop, she said she had her projects figured out and hoped they'd keep her busy. Jokingly, I said that I had plenty of pics and paper if she ran out of stuff to do....and she was determined to scrap some for me! So on Sunday morning, she went through my pics and took several home with her. These were in the first batch that I got back from her. (Second batch in the next post.)

Big Lots

Since I mentioned the scrapbooks at Big Lots, check this out:
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That's the album I snagged on my way back to the furniture department Sunday night to get Jason's new mattress and boxsprings. (They were out of the box springs so I just put a hold on them to get the $50 off deal and they'll call when they come in today or tomorrow.)

Can you believe it? A K & Co album like that and it was only $8?? There was only one other K & Co album and I didn't particularly care for it so I left it. Ever since, I've been kicking myself...that would have been a good white elephant gift! Wish me luck that it's still there when I go to pick up the bed stuff ;)

Let's try this again

Yep, I've had this thing up then took everything down and redid it. Took all that stuff down and this has just been sitting here for quite awhile.

Since I'm finally starting to do something with my scrapbook and CTMH supplies again, guess I can post that here...right?

Here's what I got completed over the week-end:
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Isn't it adorable? And soooo simple! It's a kit from CTMH this month that comes with all the supplies AND the directions for cutting everything. Took me less than 1/2 hour to cut everything then I had to wait till I got some pictures picked out....then figure out what ones I needed to print still. It even comes with all the embellishments and directions on exactly what length to cut the ribbon & waxy flax and what other embellishments to put on there (still in the kit).

After I get to town tomorrow to get a few things, I'll have something else cool to show you. Hopefully I can get it done and post Friday sometime. It might be Sat. though if I have to go grocery shopping and pick up Jason's new mattress and box springs on Friday. (really hoping *I* get to pick that stuff up because Big Lots has a bunch of great scrapbooks for just $8 each! And I think I want some of the 6x6 albums that they have for $4)