Monday, January 21, 2008

"I Love to Hate..."

Hmm, I didn't think this challenge would be all that hard since there seems to be so many things I "hate."

I guess I have to say that I "love to hate" Chicago sports teams. I don't know why because they certainly haven't ever done anything to me. I guess it started growing up in a family that was full of Cardinals fans so they "hated" the Cubs. And yet I ended up married to a Cubs fan and have to watch ALL their games.

Then, for some reason, along the line, I started to "hate" the Bears. Again, I don't know why...I just do.

So now that I've had to put it "down on paper" I guess it's time to rethink if I truly DO hate these teams....

Monday, January 14, 2008

10 things I love...

Katie's on a "love" kick right now because we're having a Love Crop over at this month.

So 10 things I love...
my family
my friends
my enV cell phone!
a clean, organized scrap room
Mickey Mouse
a variety of music

How's that for general? lol

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Making progress...

on that disaster in my scrap room. The mess is still on the far side of the table but the actual scrapping area is almost cleaned up. Two shelves left to clean up in my built-in shelves area then I can tackle the rest of the room.

Hoping to get that all cleaned up today since everyone is home tomorrow so I won't be able to do it then. And Steve said we'd start rearranging everything on Saturday. Of course, we'll just have to move everything again when I start painting but at least it's a start on getting it how I want.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Better late than never

Last week's challenge was to blog a list: resolutions, memories of 2007, favorites or least favorites from 2007, hopes for the new year. Since my memories as still colored by the latter part of the year, I'm going off-topic....besides, I'm not much of a list maker. I did make up a list of things I want to get done with my scrap room...and aren't you feeling privileged that you get to see the list?

switch sides of room: tv/accessories/stereo set in built-in shelves

lilac/lavender walls
darker curtains
lavender or white sparkly sheers
curtains over shelves?

new table skirt

cover bb with batting & ribbon

paint table? redo top somehow

shades to replace blinds

find "bar stool" to use at table

dye fabric of 2 deck chairs? or make new?

stencil & paint inspirational words on walls?

Pretty exciting, huh? Before I can really do ANY of the list, I desperately need to clean. Took these pics after picking up enough stuff the kids had dumped on the floor when they took stuff upstairs, just so I could move around.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Follow-up to "No wonder I'm twisted"

Dad gave me permission to post the pic I saw when I opened my card from them on Christmas.

I'm telling you, this is just WRONG!


And my reaction when I opened the card to see the pic above.