Monday, January 07, 2008

Better late than never

Last week's challenge was to blog a list: resolutions, memories of 2007, favorites or least favorites from 2007, hopes for the new year. Since my memories as still colored by the latter part of the year, I'm going off-topic....besides, I'm not much of a list maker. I did make up a list of things I want to get done with my scrap room...and aren't you feeling privileged that you get to see the list?

switch sides of room: tv/accessories/stereo set in built-in shelves

lilac/lavender walls
darker curtains
lavender or white sparkly sheers
curtains over shelves?

new table skirt

cover bb with batting & ribbon

paint table? redo top somehow

shades to replace blinds

find "bar stool" to use at table

dye fabric of 2 deck chairs? or make new?

stencil & paint inspirational words on walls?

Pretty exciting, huh? Before I can really do ANY of the list, I desperately need to clean. Took these pics after picking up enough stuff the kids had dumped on the floor when they took stuff upstairs, just so I could move around.

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