Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Long overdue update

The crop was AWESOME! As predicted, everyone wanted to know when the next one will be and the only complaints were minor ones. (Have music in the crop room, for example. Found out afterwards that there's a system at the B&B so a few won't get blasted by the boombox while others can't hear it at all.)

Mandi & I were discussing it again last night and it looks like there's going to be one in the spring!!!

Everyone had such a great time, TONS of food (that's one of the changes, lol....some will be "assigned" snacks and others drinks so there isn't as much left over at the end), SOOOOO many goodies! If I ever get around to unpacking my stuff, I'll snap a pic of the goodies.

Of course, I wasn't lucky enough to win one of the 15 big prizes and I hated that part of it because they were soooo good! Mom won one though and she was tickled.

It was great to see some online friends again AND to finally meet some IRL for the first time! (Hi Brigette & Chris...so glad you both made it and we finally got to meet!) Just wish that Katie's work schedule hadn't been so nuts so she could have been there more than just one day.

In other news, I should have a couple more purses to show you by, hopefully, tomorrow night. Of course, that will depend on if I get all my Cub Scout stuff done today for tonight's meeting so that I can finish them up today. I was suppose to grocery shop today but Jason's "feeling puny" (his words, lol) so I guess I shuffle my schedule and work instead of shop today.


Kim said...

So glad you girls had fun! Can't wait to see more purses!!

Stephanie said...

The retreat sounds exciting!!

Hope the little one is better today!!

Janelle said...

It WAS an awesome retreat, and I was so happy I got to see you again, Dawn! :)